Carpenters For Christ

About Us


     Dan & Kristie Carpenter are certified marriage & family coaches and

premarital counselors. Married since 2004, they are passionate about
equipping couples (engaged, newlywed, or longer-term) with Biblically

sound “tools” to build &/or maintain a strong marriage.
     In addition to working with couples, Dan & Kristie are uniquely gifted

to be able to coach families, both blended & traditional. Their “blended
family” currently includes four children and four grandchildren.
     Dan holds a Master’s degree in Family Ministry, and is a licensed

and ordained minister. Kristie is an author, speaker and mentor.

     In full-time ministry since April 2014, the Carpenters' Biblical

foundations for their ministry are found in Matthew 19:5-6, and

Mark 10:6-9.

     The Carpenters are also experienced speakers (on a variety of topics, including marriage and family, blended family dynamics, and parenting); and Kristie is a published author of two books (get details here:

     For more information regarding speaking engagements, resources, etc., please visit our Contact Us page.