May 20, 2016
In July of 2009, we asked Dan to officiate our outdoor wedding because we wanted someone who would really listen to our wishes and work with us to make our ceremony meaningful and special. Dan was the perfect choice! I love that the person who married us is still one of our closest friends, someone we see regularly and who is still someone we can go to for marriage advice, times of mourning, and our life celebrations. Dan is the type of person who always goes over and beyond. An excellent choice for all your officiant needs!!!
Emily & Luke McMillan, Abilene, Texas

May 19, 2016
Dan Carpenter made our ceremony so very special! We couldn't have asked for a better person to be so involved in such an important day in our lives. Thank you for your unique way and your passion for people! I received such great compliments about the way Dan held our ceremony and would recommend him to anyone!
Lauren & Jeremy Blair, Grand Saline, Texas

November 19, 2015
Dan and Kristie are absolutely amazing!! My husband and I strongly felt it was necessary to do premarital counseling before we got married. Not because there were issues, but because we wanted to make sure we have talked about things that could happen in the future and were on the same page of how to handle struggles that may come our way. Dan and Kristie were so awesome, funny and down to earth. It was great sitting with husband and wife so we got both views. Not only did we do counseling with them but Dan had the pleasure of marrying us! He was there for rehearsal the day before as well. He did a great job. Very attentive and respectful. If you are looking for people who not only do a good job but also want to get to know you then we definitely suggest Dan and Kristie! Thank you both again from the bottom of our hearts.
Heather & Macario Melchor, Abilene, TX

September 26, 2015
We have both been married twice before, we have now been married to each other for nine years. Our marriage has definitely had some ups and downs. We hit a bump in the road in August 2014 that could have torn us apart. We tried to fix it ourselves to no avail. Alan was listening to the Christian radio station and heard Kristie's radio program "The Blended Mom Moment," and the promo for Carpenter's for Christ. Alan suggested we contact the Carpenters and set up a time to meet them. After some debate in my own head, I (Annette) decided I would call because we knew we needed help. After several tearful meetings with Dan and Kristie, we were able to pick up the pieces and put things back together. We still have some ups and downs but with the help and mentorship of the Carpenters we are now back on track. The Carpenters have talked to us, prayed with us (and for us) and are always there anytime we need them (as a couple or individually). We've been taught how to communicate, "fight fair," and overcome issues.  It's been over a year now and we still have a bump once in a while but we have come a long way. Dan and Kristie are great friends and mentors to us and God is doing great things in our life through them. We hope one day, with their help, to mentor someone else.
Alan & Annette White, Merkel, TX

May 22, 2014

Every married couple should become involved with a marriage group with well-known and responsible mentors such as Dan and Kristie. Wayne and I reaped the benefits in our marriage from those Christians trained to do so.

Janice Murphy Tiner, Abilene, TX

May 20, 2014
Where to start?!? Dan and Kristie Carpenter began mentoring us when we were dating over a cup of coffee at none other than Starbucks. Being my (Toni) second parents already, they wanted to meet my new boyfriend to get to know him a little better. What started as "just coffee" turned into a valuable mentorship that helped us navigate through the twists and turns of a Godly relationship leading to a Godly marriage. Through these mentorship times, Dan and Kristie became our mediators, our encourages, our teachers, and number one fans. Their example of a Godly marriage and transparent wisdom helped to break us of some hindering habits and worldly "stinkin' thinkin'," as Mathew likes to say. Mathew came from a non-traditional family background and lifestyle which included his divorce after 7 years of marriage. For me (Toni), this was very difficult at times because I grew up in a very traditional Christian home and had never been married, much less been intimate with any other man. Because of these differences, Satan's use of Mat's past posed as a huge threat to our relationship and at times, if felt like I wouldn't be able to overcome my thoughts and feelings regarding it all. With the grace of God intact and the numerous hours of counsel Kristie provided to me, and Dan provided to Mathew, we can now say that this issue, though it still comes up at times, is no longer a threat to the abundant life and marriage The Lord wants us to have. We have had the privilege of being mentored not only through dating but engagement, and now in marriage by the Carpenter's. They challenge us, tell us things we don't necessarily want to hear, and they love us so, so well through it all. They have never condemned us nor looked down upon us, but have done the opposite to help ensure that our marriage is pointing towards Christ and His Kingdom. We love you both so very much and are thrilled for this new adventure in your lives!

Toni & Mathew Leonard, Littleton, CO


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